Braun International’s Minority Interest Market Xchange brings buyers and sellers together to buy and sell partnership & minority interests in commercial real estate



Success Stories

Chung Hyun Dental Laboratory, Inc.
Buckeye Baseline One, LLC
Celtic Acquisitions Group V LLC
80 Huffsmith Venture, Ltd.
Bakersfield Land Investment II, LLC
Kellogg10, LLC

We’re the market-makers.

Braun has been bringing together buyers and sellers of partnership & minority interests in commercial real estate since 2009…and sale prices have exceeded appraised value by as much as 290%. You could be next to benefit from our global expertise in the market we created.

MIMX for Sellers

Prior to the creation of MIMX, minority partners had virtually zero options when they wished to exit a partnership. With Braun’s MIMX platform, partners can find a new pool of potential investors, maximize sales price, and exit a partnership on a timeframe of their choosing.

MIMX for Buyers

Braun’s Minority Interest Market Exchange is a one-stop marketplace for those wishing to invest in partnership & minority interests in commercial real estate. Take a look at our current listings to see if any our available interests meet your investment needs.

MIMX for Brokers

Did you know you can monetize your client’s interests…and get paid in the process? You can create a new range of sale platforms for your client and build your business. It’s that simple…capitalize on this unique opportunity by contacting us today to learn about this new service.