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Interests We’ve Represented

Interests We’ve Represented

Chung Hyun Dental Laboratory, Inc.

Kola Limited Partnership

Tanager Resort Partners, LLC

80 Huffsmith Venture, Ltd.

Apex 53.03, LLC

Celtic Acquisitions Group V LLC


Buckeye Baseline One, LLC

Bakersfield Land Investment II, LLC

Kellogg10, LLC

PCD 640, LLC

Cipriani, LLC

BFD Investors, LLC

Passages II, LLC

Yucca 640, LLC

Your Partnership or Minority Interest Could Be Next.

Braun offers a variety of sale platforms to suit your interest’s needs, including both un-timed and timed sales. We’ll suggest a platform based on your goals. Our goal is to maximize value…so we tailor the sale platform to each interest you are selling.